Adventures in Spanish Class Winter Activities

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 December 2021 –  

It’s the home stretch… like the kind of home stretch where your team is tied 2 – 2 in the bottom of the 9th inning. You’re close, but you’re also a mile away. No matter the score, we are getting there slowly, but surely. I’ve decided this year (and let’s be honest, most years) that this December my teaching theme is going to be “No / Low – Prep December”. I’m not going to work myself to nothing just to say I did it. I’m instead going to work smarter and find and implement no / low prep activities that will save my sanity for the next two weeks. 

5 Low / No – Prep Winter Activities for Spanish Class:

1 – This one is a freebie, we all love freebies! If you’ve never played “I have… who has?” This is a good place to start. “Yo tengo… quién tiene?” is a great game to have on deck at any time, but this winter edition will be especially helpful in these next few weeks! This game is virtually zero-prep after you print the cards. Just hand them out, explain the game, and go! Easy-peasy. The best part is, you can keep playing day after day because your student will get a new/different card each time they play! Yo tengo… quien tiene: Winter Edition. 

2 – This one is a double decor / activity from Señora Ziegler. Winter Word Wall! Word Walls are great because they serve a decor purpose for the winter months… but did you know that you can also use a word wall for a “write the room” activity? You post the words, give your students a prompt (maybe something like: things I love about winter) and have them use the word wall as a “word bank” to complete the writing! This is a very popular activity in Elementary schools across the world, so why not make it World Language friendly?! Winter Word Wall by Señora Ziegler

3 – This is another fun game for the winter months that is inclusive of many celebrations and events of winter: Él sabe que sabe. This is a game was invented by Nelly Hughes according to Martina Bex’s blog and is a great way to get input with numbers in Spanish. Note: kids are probably making guesses, they are not intended to know the information in the game. This version is winter themed and very low prep (use the slides or print the cards and go!) El sabe que sabe: Winter Edition by Martina Bex

4 – This game is a little higher prep, but still on the low prep side of life! Winter Bingo in Spanish! Bingo is a nice and easy way to keep students engaged while they get lots of input around a specific vocabulary theme or grammar concept. Comprehensible input at it’s best! Plus lots of listening practice! Winter Bingo 

5 – Last but not least, another zero-prep game for Spanish Class: Would you Rather? I adore playing Would You Rather’s with my classes because I get to give comprehensible input while learning about my students… plus my upper level students start to give reasons and justify their crazy answers… which is an added bonus! Would you rather? Winter Theme

I wish you an amazing last few weeks before a well deserved break… and many more low-prep lessons in your future! 

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