Adventures in Spanish Books & Character Posters

August 2022 – 

In 2021 I began my (great) mission of having the most vast & inclusive library of Spanish readers possible for my students. I want books on all topics, locations, person / animal, situation, character portrayal and more. Books that represent all of my students and their background. Books that represent the background of the other students at my school, in my city, and around the world.

This task has been great… but progress is happening! Last year I started with about 24 titles on my shelves. My the end of the year I had close to 70 titles. Thanks to AMAZING angels helping me with my Amazon #clearthelist I’ve already added about 10 more titles for this upcoming school year. 80 books may sound like a lot… and it is. BUT those books are divided over 4 levels of reading ability (or more), they’re also divided by topics and character profiles. 

As a class we read 2 full novels a year. The average student reads between 4 – 6 books during FVR each year as well. That means in their Spanish career they read between 18 – 24+ Spanish novels. When you put it in those terms… 80 doesn’t seem like much! There are currently about 30 titles (that I’m aware of) that I don’t own. Thankfully, more titles are released all the time and make adding more titles each year an amazing goal! 

To help myself reach this goal, I’ve created a set of book character posters (24 posters in 4 style / color sets). These posters will make an amazing decoration for a reading area and be an inspiration to mine and your students to KEEP READING to find out what book goes with which poster. They will also make for a great piece of classroom environment motivation and comfort for those pesky observations 😉 

These posters are available FREE here on this blog or in my TPT store. My ask is that if you enjoy them, that you’ll make a donation to help me meet my book goal for my students. Whatever you’d like to donate is just fine, or if you skip the donation that’s fine as well. As great as my goal is to promote reading for my students, I want to equally inspire your students to love reading. Donations can be made here. Download the FREE poster set(s) of your choice below or purchase in my TPT store. 

Rainbow Posters

Green / Orange Posters

Red / Black Posters

Blue / Purple Posters

Editable Canva links (must have a Canva Education / Pro account to edit) If you choose to edit, please do not remove my copyright, giveaway as your own, or resell this design. 

Books with character posters included: Robo en la noche, Rigo, Capibara con Botas, Pintando con las manos, Semiprofesional series, Brandon Brown series, Mosca series, Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso, El ekeko, yanga!, Llama en Lima, Felipe Alou, Billy, Botas, Gorro, Esmeralda, Fiesta Fatal, el chico global, Bananas, Itipurú, Cuyes en Crisis, papalotl, Abejas, Gorila blanco

Happy Reading & Decorating!

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