Adventures in New Year, New Activities

It’s back to school – well, back from Winter break – time. Are you ready? Do you have a plan for starting back with year long classes or kicking off new semester classes? If not, keep reading to see what I’m doing with my Middle School Level 1, 2, & 3 classes for New Year’s!

New Year’s Traditions Readings & Gallery Walk – This might just be my favorite New Year’s activity for Spanish class. These 12 readings cover New Year’s Traditions from across the Spanish Speaking World. They are written at about a Novice High / Intermediate Low level, but they are glossed for new words at the bottom of each passage. The readings come with a note catcher sheet for use with the Gallery Walk! After, have students answer the True / False questions or play Blooket to review the readings! I use this in my Level 2 class to kick off a unit on Superstitions! Purchase on my website or on TeachersPayTeachers

New Year’s Would You Rather? Game – This is one of my favorite easy, no prep activities to kick of the New Year. Would You Rather? is a hit at every level because you can keep it as simple as “move to this side of the room” or as complex as “justify your answer” or “compare / contrast” numbers for each choice. Better – this game is 100% editable, includes a ready to use Pear Deck, AND includes a printable Gallery Walk if you want to stay tech-free! I like to use this in all of my levels to some degree each year. Purchase on my website or on TeachersPayTeachers

New Year’s Glyph – Here’s a neat resource that also 100% editable… and is my 100% plan for Level 1, level 2, and level 3 for our first day back! This glyph includes 15 editable prompts and a digital / printable version of the 2024 glyph! I plan to use the prompts as-is for all of my levels, but you could level them up or down for higher level classes or beginner classes to make it your own. Download FREE on TeachersPayTeachers or the Free Resource Library on my website for email subscribers!

If you made a goal of learning more & expanding your skill set when it comes to teaching Spanish or other world languages this year – consider joining PD for Profes! In January 2024, I’m excited to be joining to lead a PD on Passwords with PD for Profes! Come join us and learn how to use Passwords in your classrooms for any language and at all levels!

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