Adventures in A New Year: Back to School, prepared.

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It’s here! The 2020 Spanish Secondary Resource Library!

Inside this resource library you will find 25+ FREE Spanish digital resources from amazing TeachersPayTeachers authors… and myself. 

2020 Secondary Spanish Resource Library

This year, our focus was digital resources to make your journey back to the classroom (or the computer) a little easier. These resources are all compatible for digital, hybrid, and in person learning! I have included my digital & PDF version my my Super 7 Loteria games to kick off the year! Click here to access! 

2020 Elementary Spanish Resource Library

We didn’t forget about our elementary friends. Check here for the Pre-6th version! 

Back to School 2020

Does Back to School have you worried and anxious? Do you think you need more than these resources to get you prepared? I’m happy to share how I will be starting my 2020 school year! 

Spanish 1: Spanish 1 is always tricky… they don’t have a lot of knowledge, yet they NEED input to acquire language! For Spanish 1, I like to build confidence in the target language. I like to use a resource from La Secundaria to do a gallery walk (this year will be virtual!) with cognates. I have students visit each card and write down every word they can figure out. They’re always so surprised by how many words they know. We talk about cognates and how cognates will help build their confidence! After we finish our gallery walk, I like to give my students some listening confidence in Spanish with these Cognates Boom Cards! Students can listen to a native speaker while they read Spanish. My kids leave feeling confident and ready to start the year! 

Spanish 2 & 3: Spanish 2 and 3 are nice because my students already have a foundation in Spanish! I teach using the SOMOS curriculum, so we jump straight into full on Spanish input mode. I like to do a Super 7 verbs review week to kick of the year. For my Spanish 2s we’ll do the review in the present tense, for Spanish 3s we’ll do present and past tense. I like to have my students start with these Super 7 Boom Cards to remind them of the Spanish they know with tight parameters. We then move on to more productive activities that involve writing and critical thinking like this Maze or Rondas activity. The 2 days of the week we focus on story-asking with this Super 7 Storybuilder and follow up activities. 


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