Adventures in Disguising a Turkey

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Today was an odd day. I got to school and realized that my “plan” for the week of doing Thanksgiving themed activities in Spanish 1 was still mostly in the “in my mind” phase and less in the “ready to go” phase. I knew that I would be playing Would You Rather and Lotería on Wednesday and Thursday (we don’t have school on Friday); but I wanted something more “academic feeling” for Monday and Tuesday. I thought about pulling out my Embedded Reading set, but then realized it’s more of a Level 2 reading and wouldn’t be quite as fun for Spanish 1 as it is for Spanish 2. So I jumped onto TPT and searched for the popular Elementary activity “I’m not a turkey” in Spanish or “no soy un pavo”… and I couldn’t find anything. I was super bummed.

My plan was going to be to have students create their pavo disfrazado and then write about the differences between their pavo disfrazado and un pavo real. When I couldn’t find anything on TPT, I varied up my search terms and then only found English products… that I couldn’t edit. So I decided to make my own! I through together 6 different turkey images with a fill-in-the-blank and a full paragraph response section for each. I put together a quick set of intro slides… and bam. I had what I was looking for!

If you’re looking for a pretty low key activity for Thanksgiving, that does or doesn’t lead into something more, this may be for you! Grab this free resource here & let me know what you think!

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