Adventures in Día de los Muertos: Resource Round-up

October 2022 – 

Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead is always one of my favorite traditions / celebrations to teach in Spanish class. Nearly every kid has already seen Coco and is excited to see what Disney “got right” and learn more. Since moving from teaching Spanish 1 / 2 to teaching Spanish 1 – 4 in High School (now middle school 1- 3) I have moved to teaching different aspects of Día de los Muertos to each level. I’ve also had a lot of requests for Day of the Dead resources in English for culture classes / elementary classes and more! So here’s a resource round-up post for you of Day of the Dead resources for Spanish Class & English Classes below! 

What I use / teach: 

Spanish 1 (6th grade): Create an Alebrije art activity + Día de los Muertos Story Creator in Spanish

Spanish 2 (7th grade): Día de los Muertos MovieTalk / Clip Chat + Gallery Walk on Guatemala’s Los Barriletes 

Spanish 3 (8th grade): Gallery Walk on Costa Rica’s La Mascarada / Masquerade Day as a Día de los Muertos alternative + Halloween Embedded Reading (yes – not DDM, but they want something new after 3 years!) 

Spanish Class Resource Round-up! 

1 – Day of the Dead Printable Book + Activities by Monster’s Chest 

2 – Day of the Dead Spanish 1 Review Challenge Stations by Srta. Spanish

3 – Day of the Dead Slides & Trivia by Speak More Spanish

4 – Day of the Dead Ofenda Labels by Mommy Maestra

5 – Day of the Dead Pictures with Clothing by Miraflores

6 – Holidays around the World – Crafts by Ready to Teach Bilinguals

7 – Día de los Muertos Vocab Puzzle by Specialty Spanish

8 – Day of the Dead Boom Cards: Food by Fabulous Classroom

9 – Día de los Muertos Vocab BINGO by Señora Lee

10 – Text Analysis by Silvia Schavz

Day of the Dead Resources in English:

1 – Roll an Alebrije (English + Spanish)

2 – Day of the Dead Story Creator (+ activities) – English

I hope that this blog post helps you find what you are looking for with Day of the Dead / Día de los Muertos this year! 


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