Adventures in teaching Spanish

Join me in my adventures of teaching Spanish using acquisition driven instructional techniques and see what resources I am using along the way

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I’m Profe Zulita

Hola! My name is Courtney and I am the Profe and blogger behind Profe Zulita. I started my Spanish acquisition journey in 6th grade and studied Spanish from then throughout college. So why Profe Zulita? Zulita is short for Azulita; azul being the color blue in Spanish. “Little Blue” if you will. My first trip abroad in 2011 took me to Mexico to work with a group as an English to Spanish and Spanish to English translator with a group of Spanish to Nahuatl translators. “Courtney” turned out to be a difficult name to say for everyone, but when they learned “Azul” was part of my name I became Azulita for the rest of the trip! It’s stayed with me ever since. The colors in my logo are inspired by the concept and lifestyle of “pura vida” in Costa Rica, which I consider to be my home away from home. 

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